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Fascination in photography started for me as a teenager in the early 80’s. I credit my father’s guidance along with his unwavering patience answering all my questions about his vintage Rolleicord medium format camera and a photo enlarger that he had stowed away. It wasn’t long before we had a working darkroom built to develop black & white film and prints and my interest in the art began to grow exponentially.

My name is Kevin Mitchell and I'm a embedded design engineer and part time professional photographer with a passion for travel, wildlife, nature, outdoors and adventure. Photography allows me to step aside from the busyness of the tech world yet continue to apply the creative process and constantly learn new ways to push my boundaries.

Photography has allowed me to explore, discover and capture glimpses of time across a wide variety of places in the United States and overseas. I have always enjoyed our great outdoors including our National Parks and wildlife refuges yet still find myself on a constant quest for locating isolated and unique places less traveled. It’s thrilling and quite satisfying when waiting and it actually happens, that is finding yourself all by chance, in the right place at the right time, capturing the perfect night sky or witnessing nature displaying its finest. I hold a deep respect and recognize we must always protect our natural land and open spaces while always striving to minimize any impact.

Another important part of my photography includes paying it forward by volunteering a portion of my time helping families with portraits, graduations, special events as well as supporting my local church documenting their events.

My photography includes fine art landscapes, night sky, seascapes, vistas, wildlife, and nature as well as, special events. My prints have been included in new model homes by various builders and interior designers and show cased by small businesses and art galleries. I produce custom fine art prints which are available in Canvas, Metal and Acrylic.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, help with ordering prints, comments or to discuss potential photography needs you may have.

You can email me at contact@kevinmitchellphoto.com.  If you are on Instagram or Facebook you can follow me their too.

- Kevin Mitchell

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